An Urban Biking Adventure through Seattle

This is a story about a long, bold cycling adventure. If you have not had the good fortune to discuss cycling with me, any day involving me and my bike qualifies as bold. My bike languishes at home, the victim of grand ambitions, days spent running between yoga studios and, let’s be honest, laziness. I’ve … Continue reading

A Sunny Sail on Lake Union

I grew up in the heat of the Midwest, where the humidity and heat blast you the moment you step outside, and the air-conditioning blasts you the minute you go inside, and mostly that contrast is so painful you usually stay indoors. I think I might have chosen differently if I had a boat. Seattle … Continue reading

Seane Corn, Seattle and Soulshine

I hate to give the impression that yoga teachers spend all sunny Friday afternoons rolling around on their yoga mats outside. Because, let me tell you, it is not a regular thing, much to my dismay. But on this last sunny Friday afternoon, there I was, hanging out on my yoga mat with some great … Continue reading