Life Lessons in the Parking Garage

This is not a post about an epic outdoor adventure, or good food or the election or anything generally considered exciting. I have pictures of some of those things from a rainy roadtrip over the weekend to Shi Shi Beach outside Neah Bay and Lake Crescent Lodge on the Olympic Peninsula, my new favorite mid-winter … Continue reading

An Urban Biking Adventure through Seattle

This is a story about a long, bold cycling adventure. If you have not had the good fortune to discuss cycling with me, any day involving me and my bike qualifies as bold. My bike languishes at home, the victim of grand ambitions, days spent running between yoga studios and, let’s be honest, laziness. I’ve … Continue reading

Donation Yoga Class for Yoga Behind Bars

I love seeing the impact yoga can make in people’s lives. Yoga Behind Bars is a local nonprofit dedicated to sharing yoga with incarcerated youth, women and men in Washington. It’s a powerful organization making a big difference, and it has grown a huge amount in the last few years. From 2008 until 2014, the … Continue reading

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Face Sugar Cravings

First, if you want to quit sugar, I don’t recommend drinking, and not because alcohol has sugar in it. Alcohol is rather effective at lowering inhibitions, and you might discover in addition to your wine, you also downed two pieces of homemade black pepper shortbread. Oops. At least one ice cream session was a test. … Continue reading

A Sunny Sail on Lake Union

I grew up in the heat of the Midwest, where the humidity and heat blast you the moment you step outside, and the air-conditioning blasts you the minute you go inside, and mostly that contrast is so painful you usually stay indoors. I think I might have chosen differently if I had a boat. Seattle … Continue reading

One Wild, Active Day Around Seattle

Some days are the best. When I was asked to be an ambassador for Lululemon, I didn’t know what that would involve. More than a year later, I’ve taught a couple of classes for the store. Mostly, they do crazy awesome things for me. Yesterday was one of them. The Seattle stores rounded up a … Continue reading

Hiking Mount St. Helens (Volcanic Park)

As much as I would like to say I hiked Mount St. Helens, I did not. Not yet. After a 4th of July weekend trip to the park, I want to. The park is remote and hauntingly lovely. Evidence of the 1980 explosion is everywhere, from the logs clustered in Spirit Lake, the burned white … Continue reading