Chasing Handstands

The first time I got a freestanding handstand, I think I shrieked out loud. And fell over. Handstands are one of my favorite yoga poses. Partly because it’s a pose I thought I would never get when I first started to practice — I had zero gymnastics skills. Six years later, I am strong enough … Continue reading

Orcas Island

Near Ship Peak on a bright, sunny day. You’d never know it was a Northwest winter. This is more like it; cloudy and beautiful at Obstruction Pass State Park.

Taking on “Kelly” in CrossFit

I was on the second round of a brutal CrossFit workout called “Kelly,” and I was running. OK, jogging. Possibly, shuffling. This workout calls for FIVE rounds of a 400-meter run, 30 box jumps and 30 wall balls (medicine balls heaved against the wall.) When I arrived at the gym, I saw previous times all … Continue reading

The Perils of Sitting All Day

There’s been a lot of research done into the perils of sitting all day. I love this graphic from the Washington Post. It does an incredible job illustrating the impact sitting has on your body. I highly recommend you take a look. Then there’s this article from the New York Times about how inactivity impacts … Continue reading

Fit, Fun, Forever in Southeast Seattle

I’m really, truly, deeply excited for this event. Fit, Fun, Forever is a new, free fitness event in South Seattle, and it’s all about trying out new classes and getting inspired. I will be teaching! If you’re around, come check it out.

The 2014 Goal: Learn to Dance

In general, I prefer goals to resolutions. I like goals, especially the good ones that feel slightly terrifying, and thus exciting. I set a goal last year to participate in one social outing per month with a fitness community in 2013. Which meant I had to find a fitness community that hung out together (duh.) … Continue reading

Free October Yoga Class at Be Luminous

You may notice a few cosmetic updates to the website.  I was asked this year to be a Lululemon Ambassador, and I was a yes! The partnership with Lululemon and the Pacific Place store in downtown Seattle has been inspiring and insanely fun.  One awesome part of being an ambassador is a photo shoot. We … Continue reading

This is Why I do Yoga

I have been doing a lot of CrossFit. Three months in, I am surprised by how much I still love it. I love how the workouts change every day, I love being pushed to my physical max every time, and I especially love my gym, Rocket CrossFit in Hillman City. (I also love that a … Continue reading