Can Yoga Beat Exam Stress?

Examinations and stress are two words that seem to share a strong connection. Every time a student has to take an examination, the unmistakable signs of stress can be mentioned. Stress can be a result of a combination of factors. Mental factors such as pressure and anxiety or physical factors such as lack of sleep and taking up a particular sitting position for a long time. Sign of stress represents a body's response to pressure - mental or physical pressure. Exam stress can lead to various adverse conditions in the body. A student who spends all the time awake, preparing for exams might find it difficult to sleep when exams are over. However, this leads to a disease condition called insomnia.
Subsequently, awkward sitting or hunched positions could also cause pain to the body. Finding a way to overcome the stress that comes with exams is necessary as it could help the body during and after examinations.
Over time, yoga has been used to teach individuals how to take control of their bodies and minds. It is both a physical and mental activity. It applies both a system of exercises for your body and breathing exercises to help individuals relax.
Yoga can serve as the perfect means to handle exam stress during and after examinations. The following yogic activities can be used to tackle exam stress.

1. Deep Breathing

Sweaty palms and nervousness are signs of anxiety, something most students suffer from when preparing for exams and when taking these exams. The simple practice of deep breathing can help to dissipate stress. A deep breath helps to slow the heart rate, lowers the blood pressure, relaxes the mind, and calms the nerves. To practice deep breathing, take long, deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. This can be practiced during an exam when you feel anxious. Doing this will help to dispel any type of fear or anxiety that has been built.

2. Staying Active

Preparing for exams can leave you occupying a particular position for long hours. However, studies have shown that staying active helps you while revising. Tensed muscles make for a tensed mind. So, to relax your mind, try and perform yoga stretches. To aid the flow of blood to other parts of the body that stiffness causes, you could try forward bends, twisting your wrists and rolling your neck.

3. Meditation

Preparing for exams can be overwhelming. Most students either become too immersed in their preparation, leaving other things undone or try to handle everything, which can prove to be problematic. For a student searching for college admission, the best option would be to buy college admission essay leaving him or her to focus entirely on exams. It's a possibility that focusing on exams might still not leave you feeling prepared.
However, meditation is one way to ease your mind off all that examination tension you're feeling. Sitting comfortably in a quiet environment and thinking deeply to calm your mind goes a long way in easing off stress. While meditating, you must sit still for a few moments, and this can be a long or short session. Nevertheless, it depends on you.
In a nutshell, studies have shown that yoga helps to improve emotional regulation, control anxiety, improve memory, reduce fatigue, and improve moods, all of which are indicators of reduced stress.