How schools and colleges can benefit from yoga

Spending the entire day in college and then bending over textbooks and notepads at night negatively impacts school seniors and university students. Many of them cannot cope with the workload (the most of which is writing different papers) asking groupmates, «Please, recommend me someone who can write my paper for me.» Some students end up having to order essay online to get rid of at least the part of their daily tasks.
Constant studying, preparing for tests, participating in different educational events, and activities may bring health problems, anxiety, depression, and just burning out, and here is when yoga can save the situation offering its healing power.

Top benefits to extract from yoga as a student

The growing number of assignments (even if you ask someone, «Can you do my homework?» and hire a writing agency) makes both your body and mind stress out. Add here the need to meet social requirements, family relationships, dating problems, and emotional stresses, and you will get several problems, including diabetes, first signs of depression, and sometimes even panic attacks. Yoga can help you cope with college life, find the balance, and start enjoying it to the fullest. So how exactly does it impact our body?

1. It decreases the level of stress and works with anxiety

Yoga can be compared to medicine fighting such mental health disorders as depression. Practicing yoga, you can live the present day, deal with the amount of stress in your life staying active and even improve academic results;

2. It impacts your mind

And namely, memory and focus on details, thus improving its capabilities that lead to higher academic performance. Yoga also greatly helps students who have ADHD reducing its main symptoms and medication doses;

3. It helps to work on your weight

As students spend long hours sitting in not comfortable poses and eat lots of junk food, yoga can serve as a way of fitness, successfully coping with obesity and helping students lead a better lifestyle. Of course, it is not as good as running or swimming, but it can be effectively used to strengthen your muscles;

4. It gives the balance

Besides helping with extra weight, yoga works on your flexibility, helps to build the right posture, and keep the balance (both mental and physical). Constant practices of different asanas can also teach the right techniques in breathing that are tightly connected to our well-being. Paying attention to your breath you can see how yoga promotes mindfulness, and you become more carefree and less stressful;

5. It encourages self-esteem

Not all people can state that they have self- confidence and love themselves, especially young students who experience different complexes and even experience bullying. Yoga teaches us how to love our body and be comfortable with our nature, and this is one of its main values;

6. It promotes self-control

Being one of the important elements for successful studying, self-control can be reached with different yoga asanas. As a result, you are no driven by impulses, can make reasonable decisions even in the emotional state and keep your anger under control;

7. It boosts the physical appearance

Alongside fighting extra weight, yoga also helps to improve your immunity expanding the level of antibodies against viruses. It changes your appearance by boosting the circulation of your blood that reflects the state of your hair, nails, and skin. Besides, it improves the quality of your sleep, making the body fresh and energetic.
These are just a few core benefits that yoga-practicing can bring for school seniors and college students. But even they are enough to prove the healing effect that yoga makes on our bodies.