Squat Challenge: 10 minutes or 30? You choose

One common thing I hear from yoga students is they have tight hips/low back. I usually tell them they need to squat more. One of the simplest ways to work on your hip mobility is a squat. One of my yoga teachers calls a resting squat our daily vitamins. My Crossfit gym just started a 30-day, 10 minute-a-day squat challenge. There’s a worldwide 30 minute-a-day squat challenge also happening with Ido Portal , who advocates for squats as a resting position.

Kids squat all the time. It is not a big deal.

Basically, today’s message is to cop a squat, a real one. Blog in a squat. Talk on the phone in a squat. Hang out with your kids in a squat. See what happens.

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