Fit For Life: My Dad and 7 Essential Movements

The “7 Essential Movements” I wrote about in a cover story this week for The Seattle Times’ Pacific Northwest magazine really are for everyone. I mentioned in the story how stretching helped my dad get into the crawl space. He emailed me today to tell me he has “better stories” now. Here’s what he said:

The Union train station in Chicago has a long staircase probably 100 feet or longer with handrails about 20 feet apart. Before my regular exercises, I did not dare to go up and down in the middle of the stair case. I need[ed] to hold onto the handrail. Now I can walk up and down without the handrail. Come to think of it, I had the same problem at the entrance to the Art Institute. It is also gone!!!

Pretty awesome stuff. He’s in his 70s. If he can do it, you definitely can.

Fitness Issue 2014

Even sit-ups can be fun. Nicole Tsong and Andrew Bueno demonstrate a move we do every morning when we get out of bed. Photo for The Seattle Times by Benjamin Benschneider.

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