UPDATED – Enter here to win a free Jawbone fitness band!


***We have a winner!! Congrats to @thepaleoyogi! You’ve got a direct message on Twitter with more details about how to claim your Jawbone UP 24!

I have a hard time explaining why I like tracking my steps. I am not more motivated to walk because of it. I don’t work out more. I simply like to know . I like knowing how many steps I took on a walk around Seward Park. I like knowing the hard, depressing numbers after I sit in front of my computer for hours on end. I like knowing how far unexpected activities, like dancing, take me past my daily 10,000-step goal. For the record, I hit 19,000 when dancing to Michael Franti last week. If I didn’t have a pedometer, I wouldn’t KNOW. See?


Most recently, I’ve been using a Jawbone UP24. (Thanks AT&T!) I’ve been playing around with it for about a month. The wristband connects via Bluetooth to an app on my phone. I like the well-designed app and its smiley graphics that let you record your daily mood, which I did for a day. I record workouts on there. I like seeing how much I slept. I like the fun little daily facts that pop up about hydration or rest. The wristband doesn’t have a screen, so the app is the way to track your daily step count. Your wristband has other features, like programming it to buzz you at intervals when you don’t move. I used that function for awhile, but jumped every time it buzzed, so I turned it off, aka denial. It has a power nap and stopwatch mode. You also can record meals and calories, if you care about such things. It’s super easy to take on and off. Like other pedometers, it doesn’t do so well with burpees, box jumps or downward facing dog, but it’s easy to add those in on your app. It would be nice if the Jawbone counted elevation or stairs; maybe we’ll see that in future models.

Basically, the Jawbone does a whole lot more than count your steps, and I still mainly obsess over my steps. YOU, however, may want to dig in on all the other functions. Because Paper Crane Yoga is doing its first-ever giveaway! (I also reserve the right to do more giveaways down the road, or none at all!)

AT&T is providing Paper Crane Yoga readers with one Jawbone UP24 (value $149.99), and it could be yours! The deadline to enter is 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Friday, July 25! This giveaway is limited to U.S. residents only.


Enter up to five times. Winners will be randomly selected.

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Thanks for entering. Good luck!

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17 thoughts on “ UPDATED – Enter here to win a free Jawbone fitness band!

  1. I would use the Jawbone to track my daily activity and allow myself to see where I am at and work towards my goals and track my progress.

  2. I have wanted a fitnes tracker like this for a long time. I would use the Jawbone fitnes band to track how many steps and miles I run and in general cover daily. I also love all the other features it has like the sleep and calorie tracker.

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