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Staring Down Sugar Cravings

I’ve been off sugar for what feels like forever. Today is Day 35.  If you count some of the fruit I ate at the beginning, it’s probably 30 days. I’ve cut all the usual suspects like honey, cane sugar and maple syrup, all of which are hard to let go of. I’ve gone super strict … Continue reading

How to Make Paleo Harder

Leave it to me to start something challenging — going Paleo, Whole 30 style — for 30 days, and make it more complicated. In addition to Whole 30, I quit sugar full-stop. There’s no added sugar in the Whole 30 plan. I’m going the extra mile, cutting out fresh and dried fruit and anything else … Continue reading

How to Make Sauerkraut at Home

I eat sauerkraut for breakfast almost every day, and I am not ashamed. Hi, Internet! I eat sauerkraut for breakfast! With eggs or bacon, sometimes avocado. I really like it on fried rice. If you aren’t eating it, it might be sauerkraut time. Probiotics are terribly good for you. I’m a full-on convert. Sauerkraut is … Continue reading